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Stump Hollow Ski/Snowshoe, January 10, 2015

Our excursion to Stump Hollow attracted a great group - good numbers and good company. The 19 enthusiastic people included Dave P., Kathy, Jeremy, Gordon, Ryan, LeVae, Lynne, Brent, Kip, Dave W., Chris, Pam, Tamia, Joe, Stephanie G., Slade, Diane, Stephanie T. and leader Alex. The Daves were on skis and the rest of the group set out in snowshoes.

Socked in by so much fog in Cache Valley, we were excited to break through to bright blue skies just a little way up the canyon, though we didn't have much snow until right about the Beaver Mountain turn where we parked for the trail. With a group our size, some of us made it more quickly to the lunch spot than others--a meadow about 2 miles in. Along the way, the snow showed lots of signs of snowshoe hare, squirrels, and other wandering winter wildlife. Stephanie G. and Slade even glimpsed a pair of weasels crossing the trail!

After lunch, the majority of the group doubled back down the trail to return to the vehicles, while a band of 6 (Ryan, Chris, Jeremy, Joe, Stephanie T. and Alex) continued on an alternate 1-mile extension along the high ridge, and were greatly rewarded by excellent views of the surrounding peaks and a more strenuous adventure breaking trail and descending soft powdery slopes on untraveled terrain.

Trip Summary:

  • Started from trailhead about 11:00 under sunny skies and calm wind
  • Arrived at our lunch spot about 12:30 (41 degrees F and 16 inches snow depth).
  • The main group returned to the trailhead about 2:30 and Logan about 3:30
  • 4 miles with 800 feet of elevation for the main group
  • 4.5 miles with 1100 ft. of elevation for the extended trip

Thanks to Stephanie T. for the narrative, Alex for the GPS work, and Dave W. and Stepanie T. for photos


On the trail

On the Stump Hollow Trail


Beetle tree

Evidence of bark beetle research



A sunny lunch spot



Animal tracks in the snow


Snowshoeing on the ridge



The GPS track for the extended trip showed 4.5 miles with 1100 feet of elevation
You can also look at our route using Google Earth or the various map and aerial views of Google Maps