Stump Hollow Ski/Snowshoe, 10 January 2021

Nineteen participants and one dog traveled (mostly) separately from Logan leaving about 10:10 AM and arriving at the Beaver Junction parking area across the highway from the trailhead at about 10:40 AM. The 20th participant traveled from Garden City and met us at the parking area.  We were pleased to find a freshly plowed parking area, since a few days before it was covered with six inches of unplowed snow.  The five cross-country skiers,
Maggie, Dave W. Teresa, Deanna, and Chris, and fifteen snowshoers, Susan (the leader), April, Jane, Dave P., Kris, Brent, Lynne, Keith, David, Michelle, Robert, Sarah, Dick, Rachel, Lisa (and her dog Buddy) crossed Hwy 89, donned gear, and met up for a group photo at the Forest Service Stump Hollow trailhead sign. 

All participants continued up the original trail that hugs the east-facing slope - this is the official route of the Stump Hollow Great Western Trail, a trail section that has seen little use since the mountain bike riders prefer to travel over the old abandoned jeep road in the bottom of the drainage. 
On the previous Wednesday Dave and Jane had "broken trail" (tramped through the new snow) and flagged this section so it was easy to follow.  Nice views and excellent snow conditions were to be had.

The group converged with the ‘old road’ track at the bottom of the hollow and then continued up to the lunch spot. After awhile, we noticed that Buddy the dog was no longer with the group. Three hikers turned around and found Buddy farther down on the trail. These hikers decided to stay and have lunch on a ridge with nice valley views. The rest of the group continued to the meadow for lunch.

Following the lunch break, several participants continued back down the old ‘road’ trail while the others returned via the original trail route on the slope and convened where the two merged at the bottom.

Participants returned to the parking lot about 2:30 p.m. and several stayed to socialize for another 15-20 minutes.

Trip Summary:
  • 20 participants: Susan (leader), Maggie, Dave W. Teresa, Deanna, Chris, April, Jane, Dave P., Kris, Brent, Lynne, Keith, David, Michelle, Robert, Sarah, Dick, Rachel, Lisa and her dog Buddy
  • Drove mostly separately 28 miles up Logan Canyon on US-89 to Beaver Junction parking area
  • Started out about 10:50 a.m., with lunch around 12:30 p.m.; back at parking area around 2:30 p.m.
  • Sunny and calm with off and on light breeze toward the top of the outing
  • Cold but pleasant conditions (predicted high 24 degrees)
  • Not many others were encountered (a couple skiing with a dog, two men snowshoeing, and a group on snowshoes heading down toward the end of the outing)
  • Abundant snowshoe hare tracks were seen

Thanks to Susan for the narrative, Jane for photos and Dave W. for photos and the GPS data.

At the beginning of our trip, just south of US-89
Congregating near a trail junction
Waiting for everyone to assemble
Skiers traveling up the official trail section
Enjoying lunch in a sunny spot
Our GPS track shows about 4.1 miles and 800 feet of ascent and descent (the track shows where we followed the official trail on the way up and the old road on the way down).
You can look at our route using Google Earth or download our GPS file.