Swan Flat Road Ski/Snowshoe, 22 January, 2023

13 Cache Hikers carpooled up to the UDOT sheds for the Amazon/Swan Flat Road outing, some on skis and some on snowshoes:  Dave W, Dave P, Jane, Teresa, Susan, Catherine, Kathy, Brent, Chris, Keith, Linda, Laurel, and Dan (the leader).

Starting at about 11 a.m., we found the conditions more favorable than originally forecast. Although cold to start, we were dressed appropriately and made our way up the first hill. Unfortunately a skier had gear issues but these were overcome with some help from others. Some of us took advantage of the wait to capture photographs of the landscape lit by hazy sun. We crossed the open meadow with views of Beaver Mountain to the west. A group photo was made after regrouping in front of several mountain mahogany near the now familiar sink. We continued on to the north finding a good place for lunch in the welcome sunshine at 12:20 p.m. We had traveled about 1 mile.

After lunch the group continued north climbing through aspen toward the Swan Flat Road with great views of Beaver Mountain and the high peaks of the Bear River Range. Eventually we got to the groomed trail (the Swan Flat Road) as snow machines made their way down past us. The group split here, most of the hikers descending on the road and a small group climbing through the switchbacks. This was the highest point reached and after a short rest we started back down the groomed road, one skier took a shortcut through the trees while the others went down the road. Of course the skiers were fast on the descent, but they stopped periodically for the snowshoers to catch up. 

It was a picturesque and snowy scene all around. The entire group had finished at the cars about 2:20 pm. Total distance was 2.9 miles and abut 500 ft. elevation gain.

Trip Summary:
  • Five skiers;  Dave W, Teresa, Catherine, Chris, and Keith, and eight snowshoers; Linda, Laurel, Susan, Dave P, Jane, Kathy, Brent, and Dan (the leader).
  • Drove 31 miles to the Swan Flat Winter Trailhead (aka the UDOT sheds)
  • Started out abut 11:00 and back at the trailhead about 2:20
  • Partly sunny and calm, with moderate temperatures 
  • Our GPS track shows about 2.9 miles with about 500 feet ascent

Thanks to Dan for the narrative, photos and GPS data, and Dave W, Jane, Kathy, Dave P, and Keith for photos.

Preparing to climb up to the ridge east of Amazon Hollow
Leaving the UDOT sheds and US 89 as we climbed

On the ridge east of Amazon Hollow

Shadows on the snow as the sun emerged from clouds

Approaching the sink (point 7647 on the map below)

A group photo near mountain mahogany trees

A sunny lunch spot Heading toward the Swan Flat Road

Beaver Mountain and peaks of the Bear River Range (looking west over Amazon Hollow from the Swan Flat Road)

Going down the groomed Swan Flat Road
Snowshoe hare tracks

Wintery scenes

Our GPS track shows about  2.9  miles and 500 feet of ascent.
You can look at our route using Google Earth or download our GPS file.