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Temple Fork Ski/Snowshoe Tour, 9 March, 2019

Seven snow adventurers left Logan slightly after 10am and drove up Logan Canyon to the Blind Hollow parking area. Participants included Dave P, Chris, Dave W. on skis. Susan (leader), Bree, Jane, and Alex on snowshoes.

The group set off from the parking area at about 10:50 and traveled along the edge of highway. The shoulder was safe enough to walk the 1/4 mile to the Temple Fork road, where the group donned their gear. As a precaution (for greater visibility) Jane wore an orange safety vest and others attached orange flagging to their packs.

About an inch of new snow covered a hard packed base making travel easy for both skiers and snowshoers. At the split to take the low road toward Temple Fork, the group decided to head up the Spawn Creek trail instead of Temple Fork to check out the beaver activity. We crossed a snow bridge over the Temple Fork River and headed east toward Spawn Creek.

Beaver activity was plentiful. Many paths in the snow into and out of the river were evident as well as recent evidence of gnawed bark and other eating activity.

Evidence of moose (tracks and scat) and bobcat tracks on the way up and what we thought might be mink tracks were seen on the return trip. Dippers and chickadees were also spotted.

Heading up Spawn Creek, the group decided to stay on the south side of the stream as the crossing was deemed somewhat hazardous. Upon arriving at the large beaver pond, at about 12:20pm, the group decided to cross the small stream entering from the south to eat lunch at an open spot under a tree with lovely views.

At about 1pm the snowshoers headed back down the trail while the skiers attempted to traverse up the slope to see if they could loop around to the Temple Fork trailhead. This did not work out so the skiers rejoined the trail and met the snowshoers on the Temple Fork road. The only others that the group saw were at the end of the hike by the highway; two young women with four dogs and a couple with snowshoes.

The group returned to the cars and a full parking area (!) at about 2:20pm, arriving at the Smith’s Marketplace parking lot at about 3pm.

Trip Summary:

  • Participants: Susan (leader), Bree, Jane, Alex, Dave P., Dave W., Chris.
  • Drove 17 miles on US-89 up Logan Canyon to the Blind Hollow parking area.
  • Mainly overcast with evidence of snow showers at higher elevations.
  • Off and on light breeze and above freezing temperatures. Overall, a pleasant day.
  • Started along the highway about 10:50am, arrived at the lunch spot about 12:20, started back about 1:00 to arrive at the cars by 2:20 and back to Logan about 3:00.
  • GPS tracks showed about a 5 mile hike with 400 feet of elevation.

Thanks to Susan for the narrative, Dave W. and Dave P. for photos and Alex and Dave W. for the GPS data .

Starting out on the Temple Fork Road
Crossing a snow bridge over Temple Fork Creek
On the Spawn Creek Trail
Admiring a newly constructed beaver dam A beaver had some of this willow for breakfast

Beavers are protected here

Eating lunch in a bare spot, overlooking a beaver pond
There is an old stream gauge in the inlet for this pond The old stream gauge is partially dammed by beavers
Bobcat tracks (left) and mink tracks (right)
Our GPS track shows about 2 miles and 500 feet of ascent and descent

You can look at our route using Google Earth or download our GPS file.