Temple Fork Sawmill hike, June 9, 2012 

Like several of our recent hikes, we split into two groups for this trip. The "fast" group had Dave P, Gary, Roddy, Dinah, Brenda, Jennifer and Chris and their very large dog, Bryce and his baby, Crystal, Dan, Jim and his dog. The slow group had Betty, Gloria (the hike leader), Diane, Eddie, Reinhard and Jim K.

The temperature was cool and the sky was sunny, great weather for a hike. We passed a huge group of girls and leaders coming out (they must have camped overnight with all the gear they were packing). Both groups arrived at the sawmill site about 10:30, and we visited the nearby spring before leaving. Two hikers stayed for more botanizing, birding and photography. Everyone else made it back to the Logan about 1:00.

Total distance for this hike was about about 6 miles round-trip and 700 ft elevation gain.

(Report courtesy Dan and Jim K.)

Temple Fork view
Overlooking upper Temple Fork, with snow remnants in the distance

Beaver pond


Polemonium (Blue Jacobs Ladder)


 Monument at the Temple Fork Sawmill site (from September, 2007)

Sawmill spring
Temple Fork Sawmill spring (from September 2007)