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Temple Fork Sawmill, June 14, 2014

Eleven people joined this trip to the Temple Fork Sawmill, one of our favorite hikes: Denis, Jane, Keenen, Alexi, Dave P., Roddy, Ally, Stephanie, Brett, Elizabeth, and Dan, the leader. We assembled at our usual place in Logan and organized into carpools for the 20-mile drive up Logan Canyon to Temple Fork, where we started our hike at the trailhead located near Spawn Creek. Hiking briskly under overcast skies, we passed signs of recent beaver activity on the way to the sawmill site. There was blue wild hyacinth (Brodiaea), white columbines, blue lupines, blue Wasatch penstemon, scarlet gilia, and we saw a dipper bird, too.

After a food break at the nearby spring, we headed back down. Four people (Dan, Jane, Denis and Roddy) returned by a longer route. This way provided good views, but it took an extra half hour of hiking.

We had encountered a number of backpackers as they hiked out after camping overnight. When we got to the sawmill site there was a still-smoldering campfire (we put it out), fire rings and charcoal messes.

Trip summary

  • Arrived 8:45 at the trailhead and 10:00 at the sawmill site
  • Started back at 11:00
  • Returned to Logan about 12:40
  • 6.5 miles with 950 feet of climbing and another half hour for the the four "long way back " hikers
  • 5.5 miles with 800 feet of climbing for the others
  • Overcast skies with a brief hail shower

Thanks to Dan for the narrative and GPS work, with photos by Dan, Jane and Dave P.


On the Temple Fork Sawmill trail


Beaver dam


Beaver activity causing water to run down the trail


This fire was still burning when we arrived


At the sawmill site




Wild hyacinth (Brodiaea)


Thanks to Dan for the narrative, photos and GPS work.

GPS map

Our GPS track showed 6.5 miles with over 900 feet of elevation

You can also look at our route using Google Earth or the various map and aerial views of Google Maps.