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Tony Grove to Blind Hollow, 3 September, 2017

Seven hikers met at 8 a.m. for the hike from Tony Grove to Blind Hollow: Dave W, Jane, Dave P, Teresa, Deanna, Young, and Dan, the leader. We left one car at the Blind Hollow turnout and continued in two cars to the Backcountry Trailhead at Tony Grove. We started hiking just after 9 a.m., climbing through the forest toward the west. We passed through the new fence and crossed the new maintenance road coming up from Twin Creek. The trail came out above Coldwater Spring with views toward Mt Elmer - and sheep grazing at the spring. The group then followed the trail across the meadow where we were thrilled to see golden eagle fly in front of us about 30 feet away.

The wilderness sign usually marking the boundary was missing from its post. We had a group photo here then continued on to the left (southwest) taking a short break on the hillside with more views to the "Seven Sisters", Mt Elmer and Logan Peak in the distance to the south. The sky was hazy with smoke from wildfires. Owls clover was abundant in this area. The trail then led downhill along the east side of Cottonwood Canyon.

At about 11:45 the group found a spot of shade for lunch not far from the junction where the trail to splits east into Blind Hollow and west into Cottonwood canyon. Our route led us down into Blind Hollow where we visited the Yurt that Utah State University uses for winter backcountry activities. We stopped for another rest on the way down, sampling five different trailside berries as we hiked: thimbleberry, elderberry, chokecherry, serviceberry and currant.

Temperatures climbed as we followed the trail downhill, so we were relieved to reaching our car at US 89 about 3:15 p.m. Some hikers waited next to the river here while the "drivers" climbed into our car for a ride to their vehicles waiting at Tony Grove. Everyone was back in Logan about 4:30 p.m.

Trip Summary:

  • Participants: Dave W, Jane, Dave P, Teresa, Deanna, Young, and Dan, the leader
  • Drove 29 miles to the Backcountry Trailhead at Tony Grove, dropping a car off at Blind Hollow on the way
  • Started hiking about 9:00 with lunch about 11:45
  • Arrived Blind Hollow Trailhead about 3:15 and Logan by 4:30 (after going back to Tony Grove to pick up our other vehicles)
  • Clear skies, calm winds and pleasant temperatures until heating up in the afternoon
  • About 8.3 miles with 850 feet of ascent and 3000 feet of descent

Thanks to Dan for the narrative, photos and GPS work, and Dave P., Dave W. and Jane for photos.


Cache Hikers near the Wilderness boundary
Sheep at Coldwater Spring
Purple owl's-clover, a subspecies of Orthocarpus tolmiei, endemic to the Bear River Range
Mt. Elmer
Mt. Elmer, with some of the "Seven Sisters" points on the ridge to the right



There isn't much left of this sign at the trail junction

Yurt Sheep
Visiting the USU Yurt in Blind Hollow Sheep in Blind Hollow
Our GPS track shows 8.3 miles with about 850 feet of ascent and 3000 feet of descent

You can look at our route using: Google Earth, the various map and aerial views of Google Maps or download our GPS file.