Tony Grove Creek Ski/Snowshoe, 6 February 2022

An enthusiastic group of 15 Cache Hikers found clear skies and warm temperatures on the Tony Grove Creek trail. The parking lot is just off the Tony Grove highway turn-off near the Forest Service Guard Station. 

Ten snowshoers, 5 skiers, and 1 dog started out about 11:00 a.m. We headed west up the old Tony Grove road, which is now a pleasant ski and snowshoe trail. It goes initially along a log fence and the creek, just below the new hiking trail that crosses north to access the Bunchgrass area. The snow-covered but well-trodden trail climbs gently through aspen and fir woods, crosses Tony Grove Creek, and continues upward to end at the current Tony Grove road which is groomed for snowmobiles and would be a zippy route down for skiers. We enjoyed lunch and the view in a sunny spot along the trail before it connected with the road. Most of us stayed on the path but one stalwart trekker put his flotation to the test on the last stretch with a direct climb up the snowy slope. About 300 yards up the road, we headed back into the woods making our own track. We lolly-popped down to meet with our up-route in a pleasant trek for the snowshoers. The skiers came down in all manners, some acrobatic but none terribly graceful, on the crusty, fast snow. The total trip was about 4.2 miles with about 900 feet of ascent. We were back at the parking area about 2:15pm.

Trip Summary:

  • Fifteen humans and one canine: skiers Teresa (leader), Dave W., Dave P., Susan, and Deanna; snowshoers Ralph, Jane, Kathy, Michelle, David, Laurel, Caroline, Keith, Catherine, and Dan; and Zinnia (dog)
  • Drove 22 miles up Logan Canyon to the Tony Grove Winter Trailhead
  • Started out about 11:00, 12:30 to 1:00 for lunch, back at the parking area at 2:15
  • Sunny skies, calm winds and comfortable temperatures (the mid 30s)
  • Our GPS track shows 4.2 miles with about 900 feet of  elevation (snow depth was 35 inches at our lunch spot)

Thanks to Teresa for the narrative and photos, Jane, Ralph, Caroline, Dave P. and Michelle for photos, and Dave W. for photos and GPS data.

At the trailhead On the trail
A group photo near Lewis Turner Campground
There is a new fence around the spring to protect the campground's water source
This old dam provided water to power a generator at the historic Tony Grove Guard Station
The trail went through a meadow above the campground A fallen tree over the old roadbed
The old road crosses the Right Fork of Tony Grove Creek and switches back to the south
Traveling up the old roadbed
Enjoying a sunny lunch
Climbing up to the Tony Grove road
A snowshoer took a "shortcut", straight uphill to the road
Looking east toward Logan Canyon, before our descent
Heading back down
Our GPS track shows about 4.2 miles and 900 feet of ascent.
You can look at our route using Google Earth or download our GPS file.