Tony Grove Steam Mill Hike, July 15, 2012 

Five adventuresome hikers, Dave P., Deanna, Theresa, Jim and Dan, joined in this strenuous hike. The group enjoyed great scenery, good weather and occasional wildlife along this seldom-traveled route.

Led by Dan, the group followed the popular trail from Tony Grove toward White Pine Lake for the first 3.5 miles.  At White Pine Creek, they left the trail and "bushwhacked" to the north as they skirted the east slope of Mt. Gog.  They ate lunch in the basin between Mt. Gog and Steam Mill Canyon and continued northward, up the steep slope to the main ridge overlooking High Creek.   After a half-mile, they left the ridge top for a steep descent to the east, down into Steam Mill Canyon.  From here, they followed the trail past Steam Mill Lake and down to Franklin Basin and their ride back to Tony Grove.

It took 9 hours to travel the 12.4 miles of this hike, with 2400 feet of climbing and 3400 feet of toe-bruising descent. Topographic maps show trails in the area between White Pine Creek and Steam Mill Canyon, but the hikers were only able to follow portions of the old route as the trails are becoming lost due to lack of use and maintenance.   (Thanks to Dan for photos, trip notes and the GPS track).

Cherry Peak from the ridge

Looking from the ridge toward the northeast slope of Cherry  Peak

Looking down into
          Steam Mill

Descending the faint trail from the ridge into Steam Mill Canyon

Steam Mill Lake

Steam Mill Lake

GPS track, Tony Grove to Steam Mill

GPS track of the Tony Grove to Steam Mill hike, July 15, 2012