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Twin Creek – Blind Hollow, 8 July 2017

Five hikers climbed the Twin Creek Forest Service road at a steady pace under sunny skies and already hot temperatures. We encountered one mountain biker, one ultrarunner, and came upon a sheep camp with two horses tied up and several stock dogs “fiercely” guarding the camp.

There were many biting flies on this portion of the hike. A short way before we reached Bubble Springs, we stopped for an early lunch at a nice shady grove of Douglas fir (with many logs to sit on).

Laurel reported that the section of trail just past Bubble Springs was made into a road last year but it is closed to vehicle traffic by a boulder barricade.

We then left the road and took the short cutoff trail to Hansen Pond and the Blind Hollow trail. We encountered a tree that had fallen across the path that was hung up in such a way to provide a hobby- horse bouncy experience. We all took a turn!

We encountered many briskly flowing small streams, springs, butterflies, and wildflowers. The undergrowth was lush with more flowers about to bloom. There was water flowing on and many small streams crossing the trail much of the way down. Interestingly, there were no biting flies on the Blind Hollow Trail.

Trip Summary

  • Participants: Susan (the leader), Stephanie, Laurel, Carol, and Denis
  • Left a car at the Blind Hollow Trail parking pullout
  • Proceeded to Twin Creek Road and parked the second car at the pullout by Highway 89 at the head of Twin Creek Road (Laurel had been told a couple of weeks earlier not to park at the corral a bit farther up the road as it is reserved for the Cattleman’s Association)
  • Started up the road at 8:45am
  • Sunny and hot, very little breeze, although a bit cooler higher up
  • Lunch in a nice shady grove of Douglas fir by the road not far from Bubble Springs (11:00-11:20)
  • Back to car via Blind Hollow trail at 1:30, returned to get the car at Twin Creek Road and back to Logan by 2:05 pm
  • Total about 9 miles (map estimate, not by GPS)

Thanks to Susan for the narrative and photos, and Stephanie for photos.

Editor's notes:

  1. The "road" beyond Bubble Springs was built last year to provide temporary access for improvements to the Tony Grove Campground water supply
  2. The biting flies encountered on the Twin Creek area are no doubt related to the presence of livestock there


Looking toward Twin Creek near the start of our hike
Hiking up the Twin Creek road toward Bubble Spring
Hiking up the Twin Creek road toward Bubble Spring
Five Cache Hikers


Blind Hollow

Along the Blind Hollow trail
Trail Trail
Much of the lower Blind Hollow Trail was wet or overgrown
Lunch Caterpillar
Lunch in the shade Caterpillar





Larkspur Balsamroot


Bigleaf Balsamroot
We hiked about 9 miles with about 2000 feet of ascent

You can look at our estimated route (not a GPS track) using: Google Earth, the various map and aerial views of Google Maps or download our GPX file.