White Pine Lake Hike, July 14, 2013

Nine Cache Hikers joined this trip: Dave P., Emily, Alexi, Kris, Ron, Roddy, Denis, and hike leaders Jane and Dave W. (Susan was the designated leader but she had to change plans). 

The hikers enjoyed good weather, great scenery and abundant wildflowers the entire way. The hairy clematis plants in the meadow were nearly finished blooming, but their fuzzy seed heads will be on display for the rest of the summer.  Other wildflowers along the way included buckwheat, green gentian, little sunflower, horsemint, geranium, mountain death camas, yarrow, and more.  On the way back to Tony Grove we took the scenic side trip to the Mt. Naomi Peak N.R.T., where we saw sedum, shrubby cinquefoil, blue flax and yellow flax.

The trail tread was in good shape.  Trail signs were in better condition than last year, but the handrails on the bridge were still missing and the backcountry toilet was not in service.  The Tony Grove parking lot was completely full when we got back, in spite of the $6 parking fee.  

Our hike totaled about 7.5 miles with 1300 feet elevation gain.

Thanks to Dave W.  photos, narrative, and the GPS track.

Cache Hikers, near the beginning of the trail

White Pine Lake
Quartzing "stairs" near
              the Mt. Naomi Peak N.R.T
White Pine Lake

Quartzite "stairs" near Tony Grove Lake
Yellow flax
Hairy clematis - flowers and seed head

Yellow flax
GPS track
Our GPS track shows 7 1/2 miles with 1300 feet of elevation gain

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