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Logan Canyon to Green Canyon, 5 June, 2016

13 Cache Hikers joined this pleasant hike: Dave W., Dave P., Jim (the hike leader), Dan, Chris C., Stephanie T., Fred, Jane, Kathy, Nikolai, Dick, Jill and Marissa. It took more than an hour to get cars in place at both ends of this point-to-point hike, but we finally began hiking about 9:30. We started on the Wind Cave Trail near the Guinavah/Malibu Campground in Logan Canyon, branched off on the Wind Cave Way trail to the top of the ridge and followed the Beirdneau Trail down to Green Canyon.

The day was unseasonably hot, but fortunately our hikers knew to slow down and drink fluids. Upon reaching the ridge crest some hikers cleaned up the messy campsite that was there while several others went a short distance west to a good viewpoint. After lunch we headed down the Beirdneau Trail to Green Canyon. Another car shuttle exercise followed as drivers shuttled riders from the Preston Valley Trailhead back to the other cars at the Wind Cave Trailhead, and everyone got back to Logan by 3:30.

A variety of wildflowers graced the way, especially on the cooler and shadier Beirdneau Trail. We saw mulesear, bigleaf balsamroot, arrowleaf balsamroot, larkspur, Wasatch penstemon, woodland star, two species of violets, bastard toadflax, false solomon seal, mountain deathcamas, wild strawberry, bluebells, miterwort, valerian, spring beauty, wallflower and waterleaff, The trail up Wind Cave Way was in good condition most of the way, but we may decide to resume our maintenance activity for this trail. Some of the upper portions are in need of "brushing", and houndstongue weeds are spreading along the way. A large tree was down over the trail just north of the ridge.

. Trip Summary:

  • Drove a total of 7 miles to drop cars off at the Preston Valley Trailhead, then 10 miles to the Wind Cave Trailhead
  • Started hiking about 9:30, with lunch on the ridge at 11:45
  • Back to Logan about 3:30
  • Weather was unseasonably hot, with clear skies and calm winds
  • Our hike totaled 5.6 miles and 2600 feet of elevation gain

Thanks to Dave W. for the narrative, Jim, Stephanie and Dave W. for photos and Stephanie and Dave W. for GPS work.


Hiking up the Wind Cave Way, with views southward to the Crimson Trail, Logan Canyon and Logan Peak
Pointing out distant features
Cache Valley and the Wellsville Mountains, from our viewpoint on the ridge


Mulesears along the trail

Walking through the mulesears



Lunch on the ridge

After cleaning up a messy fire ring and camp area
Woodland star
A large tree was down over the trail Woodland star



A shady section of the Wind Cave Way Trail Larkspur

False Solomonseal

Mountain deathcamas Starry false solomon seal, or starry false lily of the valley
Arrowlaf Bigleaf
Arrowleaf balsamroot Bigleaf balsamroot
Blebells Armoca
Bluebells Arnica
Waterleaf Miterwort


Valerian Toadflax
Valerian Bastard toadflax
Yellow violet


A yellow violet
Wallflower Strawberry
Wallflower Wild strawberry
Our GPS track showed 5.6 miles with 2600 feet of elevation gain

You can also look at our route using Google Earth or the various map and aerial views of Google Maps

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