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Wood Camp Waterfall Hike, 21 May , 2016

Eight hardy hikers showed up at the parking lot in the rain: Dave W, Jane, Alex, Brandon (and his dog "Monster"), Nikolai, Gordon, Ben, and Dave P (leader). We debated canceling or changing to a short, non-muddy hike, but decided to give Wood Camp a try.

Two hikers needed ponchos and one needed gloves, which fortunately other hikers loaned them. As we approached the Wood Camp waterfall the rain changed to soft hail, the wind picked up, and the path disappeared in waist-high brush; thereby pushing the moderate hike to the edge of strenuous. Dave P had flagged a route previously but it was hard to find. On the plus side there was a second, larger waterfall spilling out of another ravine to the west and fresh snow covered the trees above the waterfalls, clouds alternately filled and departed the hollow, and the glacier lilies were in full bloom.

We finally reached the edge of the main waterfall ravine and the rain stopped. We had a stand-up lunch because everyone was a bit damp and wanted to keep moving. The ravine below the waterfall still had plenty of snow so we decided to descend on the snow, which was easier than bushwhacking, although we had to watch for thin snow bridges over the stream. The sun came out, thereby letting us complete the spring pentathlon: rain, mud, snow, wind, and sun. We made good time going back to the cars, and arrived in Logan at 1:15.

Trip Summary:

  • Organized carpools and drove 13 miles up Logan Canyon to Wood Camp
  • Started hiking in pouring rain about 8:45 a.m.
  • Lunch 10:45 -11:00, in light rain
  • Back at the trailhead about12:30 under clearing skies, arrived Logan about 1:15
  • Rain and snow flurries, becoming clear about noon, 46° F at 11:00
  • Our GPS track shows 4.4 miles with nearly 1800 feet of elevation gain

Thanks to Dave P for narrative and photos and Dave W for photos and GPS work.


Starting out in the rain, with water running down the trail
Rain gear Lunch

Adjusting rain gear along the way

A stand-up lunch in the rain


The Wood Camp Hollow seasonal waterfall - also, snow, fog and rain


Walking down the snowy ravine



Glacier lily Oregon grape




The sun came out for the end of our hike
Our GPS track showed 4.4 miles with nearly 1800 feet of elevation gain

Look at our route using Google Earth, the various map and aerial views of Google Maps, or download a gpx file (for a GPS unit)