Wood Camp Ski/Snowshoe, 12 February 2023

The air was a little hazy in the valley but we were greeted by sun and blue skies at the Wood Camp trailhead.  There were eighteen people in all: twelve on snowshoes (Kathy, Bree, Claire, Brent L, Ralph, Jane, Susan, Laurel, Michelle, Linda, Deana, and Dan); five on skis (Alex, Dave W, Teresa, Maggie, and Dave P (leader)); and one on a split snowboard (David).  The trail had been well packed by snowshoes and was a bit icy in the morning.  This made easy walking for the snowshoers and skiers with skins.  The other skiers just climbed out of the trench onto firm snow when necessary without much problem.

We soon broke up into faster and slower groups and kept in touch with radios.  After stopping several times to shed layers we arrived at the meadow below the spring at about noon for lunch.  We enjoyed chocolate treats brought by Kathy.  Most of us after lunch went up to see two springs that were running and free from snow and ice, thanks to their deep groundwater source.

After lunch we headed back with some skiers providing entertaining falls.  Fortunately no one was hurt other than bruised egos, so all enjoyed the good snow and company.

Trip Summary:
  • 18 Cache Hikers:  Kathy, Bree, Claire, Brent L, Ralph, Jane, Susan, Laurel, Michelle, Linda, Deana, Dan, Alex, Dave W, Teresa, Maggie, David and and Dave P (leader)
  • Drove 13 miles to the Wood Camp Trailhead in Logan Canyon
  • Started out about 10:30, lunch about 12:15 - 12:50, back at athe trailhead about 2:00
  • Sunny skies, calm winds, moderate temperatures and fresh snow
  • Our GPS track shows about 4 miles round trip with about 900 feet of ascent/descent

Thanks to Dave P for the narrative and photos, Kathy, Jane, Dave for photos, and Ralph for photos and GPS data.

Starting out from the Wood Camp trailhead
Blue skies and fresh snow as we headed up the trail
Looking back, south, toward the trailhead
A good day for cross-country skiing

Just before the new bridge

Our sunny lunch spot

Two nearby springs

Our GPS track shows about 4 miles and 900 feet of ascent.
You can look at our route using Google Earth or download our GPS file.