Bunchgrass Creek Ski/Snowshoe, 14 March, 2020

There were eleven hikers, four on skis and seven on snowshoes: Kathy, Michelle, David, Susan, Jane, Dave W, Teresa, Gary, Brent, Kris, and Dave P (leader).  Even though the weather had been warm and dry, there was still plenty of snow in Bunchgrass.  The skiers benefited from half an inch of new snow on the dense base.  The trail is signed for non-motorized use, but it had been rutted by a snowmobile. 

The group spread out into several smaller groups due to the need to adjust apparel as we heated up from climbing and cooled down from light sleet, and to clear wet snow stuck to snowshoes.  We made it to Goring Pond by 12:15 for lunch with a good view to the other side of the Logan River.  Most everyone was a bit damp but not cold.  During lunch we had a smorgasbord of snowfall, sun, clouds, and breeze.  Dave W and Jane offered us giant Saint Patrick day cookies with green frosting, but no one thought of bringing pie for pi day (3.14).

For skiers the snow was slow, which made the downhill run less exciting, but, on the plus side, no one fell.  The snowshoers strolled along, chatting and enjoying the spring-like weather.  The hike downhill went quickly and we made it back to Smith’s Marketplace by 2:15.

Trip Summary:
  • Eleven participants:  Kathy, Michelle, David, Susan, Jane, Dave W, Teresa, Gary, Brent, Kris, and Dave P (leader)
  • Drove 24 miles up Logan Canyon on US-89 to the Bunchgrass Trailhead (recently UDOT built a slow-vehicle turnout lane there but we still had plenty of room to park off-pavement)
  • Started out about 10:45, lunch at Goring Pond 12:15 - 12:55, back at the trailhead about 1:40 and Logan by 2:15
  • Cloudy and warm, with periods of light sleet (48º F and 47 inches of snow at Goring Pond)
  • About 3.7 miles with 750 feet of ascent and descent

Thanks to Dave P. for the narrative, Kris, Kathy and Jane for photos and Dave W. for photos and GPS data.

No motorized travel allowed in lower Bunchgrass (refer to  Tony Grove - Franklin Basin Winter Recreation map
Crossing creek
Crossing a snow bridge over Bunchgrass Creek
Tree holes
Compare snow depth with a previous year Holes were melting into the snow around tree bases
Snow-machine tracks damaged the ski/snowshoe trail
A bird's nest on the snow
"Everyone line up for a photo"
Ascending the trail before the rain/sleet began Rain/sleet started about 11:00
Lunch near Goring Pond
After lunch
West view
Getting ready to head back after lunch
Going down the trail toward Logan Canyon
Our GPS track shows about 3.7 miles and 750 feet of ascent and descent.
You can look at our route using Google Earth or download our GPS file..