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Narrow Canyon Snowshoe, 3 March, 2018

Three hikers met to enjoy this fine winter walk in the foothills of the Wellsville Mountains. After parking at the Murray Farm Trailhead we headed 300 yards uphill along the pole fence to the second gate and the division of trails between Wide and Narrow Canyons. A left turn and quick right brought us to the trail in an arch of snow-lined trees along the south side of the meadow.

We reached the junction with the meadow trail in about one mile and turned east. Calls of sandhill cranes and Canada geese provided the background for our increasingly sunny walk through untracked snow. Our views ahead were of Cache Valley and the Bear River Range with peaks being gradually revealed as the clouds shifted. A look behind us provided views of Narrow Canyon.

We were the only humans in the meadow, but the network of animal tracks among the rosebushes and other shrubs indicated we were not the only users. When we intersected with the Wide Canyon Trail we turned left and followed it uphill to an excellent viewpoint where we stopped for snacks. A 15-minute walk from the viewpoint brought us back to the trailhead on the Wide Canyon Trail.

Note: This trailhead is made possible through the generosity of the Murray family. Hikers are encouraged to be respectful by not blocking the gate, not leaving waste from horses and dogs, and controlling pets. You can learn more about Murray farm and the trailhead at

Trip Summary:

  • Participants:  Brent, Gordon, and Jane (leader)
  • Drove 12 miles to the Murray Farms Trailhead west of Wellsville
  • Started snowshoeing at 10:40, lunch at the viewpoint at 12:20, and back in Logan by 1:50.
  • Several inches new snow, sunshine and blue skies with moving clouds but no precipitation
  • Calm, with temperatures in the 30s
  • About 2 miles with 500 feet of ascent/descent

Thanks to Jane for photos and the GPS data and Brent for photos.

At the bottom of Narrow Canyon
Snowshoeing on the Narrow Canyon Trail
Narrow Canyon
A vole in the snow
Lunch overlooking Narrow Canyon

Looking north toward Wide Canyon

Looking east over Wellsville toward the Bear River Range
Our GPS track shows about 2 miles and 500 feet of ascent and descent

You can look at our route using: Google Earth, the various map and aerial views of Google Maps or download our GPS file.