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Name Wood Camp Hollow (officially, the Old Juniper Trail)
USFS Trail Number
Geographic Area Lower Logan Canyon, north side
5 miles from the trailhead to the old Juniper and 10 miles round-trip.
Access via US 89 in Logan Canyon, near mile marker 471.  Turn north, over the Logan River and past Wood Camp campground to the trailhead. At mile 3.3 a junction with the Cottonwood trail leads to Cottonwood Canyon and the Mt. Naomi Peak National Recreational Trail with access to Tony Grove and Green Canyon.  At mile 4 the trail splits into "sunny" and "shady" options. A short side branch from the "sunny" trail leads to the 1500-year old Jardine Juniper. Continue counter-clockwise around the loop to return to the main trail via the shady side.
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