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Name Bunchgrass Creek Trail (officially, the White Pine-Bunchgrass Canyon Trail)
USFS Trail Number
Geographic Area Logan Canyon, north side
7.1 miles, from US 89 to the White Pine Lake Trail

Access via US 89 in Logan Canyon, at the roadside parking area near milepost 481, 0.5 miles east of the Tony Grove junction. The trail heads to the northwest up the Bunchgrass Creek drainage, passing Goring Pond after about 2 miles.  From Goring Pond, the trail continues through a meadow and climbs toward the north, out of the Bunchgrass drainage and over two intermediate ridges before descending into the White Pine Creek drainage at mile 4 (a junction here offers an alternative route down White Pine Creek and north to the Steam Mill Trailhead in Franklin Basin).  The Bunchgrass-White Pine Canyon trail turns toward the west from this junction, following the White Pine Creek past an old beaver pond, through large sagebrush meadows with views of Mt. Gog to the west  and groves of evergreen trees and aspens.  After about  mile 6 the trail crosses to the north side of White Pine Creek, turns toward the southwest and ascends more steeply, ending at mile 7.1 at a junction with the White Pine Lake trail.  From this junction, White Pine Lake is 0.4 miles to the west, and Tony Grove is 3.5 miles to the south.   

Note: The above description refers to the situation before mid-2018. In 2018 the Bunchgrass Trailhead is being moved from the US-89 location (described above) to the Tony Grove Winter Trailhead, 1/2 mile to the south. Significant changes to the trail also are being made. Remaining work as of December 2018 includes a footbridge over Tony Grove Creek, improvements to the Winter Trailhead parking area and demolition of the parking area at the old Bunchgrass Trailhead (to be done by Utah DOT). Refer to and for more information.

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Edited 10/8/2013